Nashia Zaman
Assistant Professor
BSS (Hons) and MSS in Economics (University of Dhaka)
Phone: +88-2-9661900/4606

Journal Article
1 Nashia Zaman : Historic pattern of modern Japanese economy: Focusing on export promotion policies in post-World War II era., Social Science Review., vol.36, no.1 pp.117-128, June 2019 .
2 Dr. Nazmul Ahsan Kalimullah and Nashia Zaman : Addressing NEET issue in Bangladesh: Lessons Learned from Japan, Journal of Sociology, vol.1, no.1 pp.35-50, June 2018 .
3 Mohammad Iftekher Hosssain and Nashia Zaman : Benefit-Cost Ratio of Screening Diabetes through Community Clinics in Bangladesh, Social Science Review, vol.35, no.1 pp.1-12, June 2018 .
4 Munira Sultana and Nashia Zaman : Potentiality of Japanese 5S Methodology in Bangladesh: A Management Approach for Continuous Improvement, The Cost and Management. Bi-monthly Journal of the ICMAB., vol.XLVII, no.5 pp.23-31, (September-October) 2019 .