Masters in Japanese Studies (MJS) 

Duration of the Programme
The Masters in Japanese Studies (MJS) is of 64 credits, spanning over four semesters in two academic years. The programme will include 16 course units with a total of 1,600 marks, which will be translated into 64 credit hours. The total credit hours will be evaluated on the basis of 1,600 total marks: 1,200 marks for 14 taught course units, 100 marks for field research/project work/internship and 100 marks for written and oral comprehensive exams.

Eligibility for Admission
The eligibility for an applicant and procedure for admission will be determined by the department concerned, recommended by the dean of Social Sciences and approved by the academic council. An applicant must have at least a second class Bachelor degree in any discipline earned from home or abroad. The applicant will have to go through a written test and a viva voce. An applicant having any third division/class in academic life is not eligible to apply. No accommodation will be provided by the university for MJS programme.

General Objectives of the Programme
The tailor-made ‘Masters in Japanese Studies (MJS)’ programme aims to provide a student with broader knowledge and deeper understanding of Japanese politics, economy, culture and society, and lay the foundation for Mphil and PhD degrees in the particular field. The specific objectives of the programme are to:

  • provide linguistic competence to students in Japanese language to a level where they can qualify themselves for higher studies in Japanese universities.
  • understanding Japan’s role in economic, social and human development in the context of Bangladesh and South Asia, and the world at large.
  • understand the dynamics of Japanese society, modernisation process, education system, stage of scientific and technological development, management style and corporate leadership.
  • develop a community of scholars in Japanese Studies in academic institutions so that they can contribute to further consolidation of Japan-Bangladesh relations.

Course Matrix: Masters in Japanese Studies (MJS)
Total Number of Course Units: 16 (including 14 taught courses)
Total number of Credit Hours: 64
Total Marks: 1,600