1 Year
Semester 1
Compulsory Optional
JS 501: Japanese History and Civilisation
JS 502: Japanese Language: Pre-Elementary
JS 503: Modernisation and Economic Development in Japan
One from the following courses:
JS 511: Agriculture of Japan
JS 512: Contemporary Japanese Society
JS 513: History and Science of Conservation and Restoration of Heritage of Japan
JS 514: Japanese Business Communication
JS 515: Science and Technology in Japan
Semester 2
JS 504: Japan-Bangladesh Relations (Economic, Political,
Social and Cultural)
JS 505: Sociology of Japanese Society
JS 506: Japanese Language: Elementary
One from the following courses:
JS 516: Education and Socialization in Japan
JS 517: Japan and Asia-Pacific region
JS 518: Modern Japanese Literature
JS 519: Sculptural Art and Architecture of
Japan and Bangladesh
JS 520: Trade Policy of Japan
2nd year
Semester 3
JS 507: Japan in International Affairs’
JS 508: Japanese Government and Politics
JS 509: Japanese Language: Post-Elementary
One from the following courses:
JS 521: Comparative Study of Archaeology: Japan and Bangladesh
JS 522: Development Policy of Japan
JS 523: Environmental Issues and Concerns in Japan
JS 524: Japanese Management System
JS 525: Japanese Mass Media and Corporate Anthropology
Semester 4
JS 510: Japanese Language: Pre-Intermediate
–Comprehensive Examination [50%] + Viva Voce [50%] –Thesis Research
— Internship/ Project Work**
One _ from the following courses:

JS 526: Disaster and Development in Japan
JS 527: Film, Animation and Performing Arts
JS 528: Industrial Development in Japan
JS 529: Japan and South Asia
JS 530: Japanese Intellectual History
JS 531: Japanese Social Anthropology
JS 532: Microscopy Analysis of Ceramics: Japan
and Bangladesh
JS 533: Political Economy of Japan
JS 534: Social and Cultural Geography
JS 535: Tourism in Japan
** Internship/ Project Work(in lieu of One
Optional Course )