Development of Japanese Studies Worldwide with Special Reference to Bangladesh

Dilruba Sharmin

Summary: This chapter chiefly highlights the development of Japanese Studies as an academic discipline with particular reference to Bangladesh. It discusses in detail the expansion and sustainability of ‘Japanese Studies’ as a subject. The chapter is based on both primary and secondary data collected from interviews, books, journals, reports and cyberspace. It discusses career prospects of graduates of the DJS and its vision and mission. However, this subject is not becoming more popular among students due to obstacles such as language barriers, proper guideline, ambiguous idea about job prospects and absence of interdisciplinary subjects at universities. Therefore, time is ripe enough to bring in necessity-oriented policy and planning for the mainframe of newly developed subjects in which the young generation wants to build their career. This chapter reveals the history and development of ‘Japanese Studies’ and explain its prospects and challenges for broadening this subject both as a higher study and for career development.

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