Japan-Bangladesh Bilateral Relationship: How It Will Look Like in the Upcoming Five Years

S. M. Rabby Raj

Graduate Student (2017-18 session), Department of Japanese Studies, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.


A limited amount of research has been carried out on the future direction of Japan-Bangladesh relations. This article attempts to contribute to Japanese Studies and International Relations literature by exploring the potential direction of Japan-Bangladesh relations for the upcoming five years. This qualitative research indicates that the bilateral relationship between the two countries will be stronger and reach a new level in the coming years. Significantly, the Japanese “megaprojects” in Bangladesh will play a vital role in this regard. However, the Bangladeshi government must address and mitigate the factors likely to hinder the country’s relations with Japan. The research also focuses on the possibility of the Japan-Bangladesh FTA. There are some milestone years ahead regarding the two countries’ bilateral relationship. The research reveals that the potential scenario of the bilateral relationship will be very dynamic and will also be optimum for both countries in the upcoming five years.

Keywords Bilateral relation . Japanese influence . Megaprojects . BIG-B . FTA .