Sakit at Pasakit: The Epidemics amid the Japanese Occupation in the Philippines, 1942 – 1945

Roman R. Sarmiento Jr II

Interdisciplinary Studies Department, Far Eastern University, Manila.


Amidst the Japanese Occupation in the Philippines, where human atrocities took place, the Filipinos were not spared from epidemics and this condition added to the hardships and sufferings of the Filipinos. The Japanese period is always stereotyped in the Philippine history as the most violent colonisers, the risk and danger always come with the human factor, but we must also consider that risk and danger are not isolated on human action; natural factors can also bring these. This study will focus on the narratives and historical accounts were the natural calamities during that time 1942-1945 and the colonisers’ corresponding action in managing these calamities, especially in propagating their political and cultural propaganda.

Keywords Natural calamities . Biological calamities . Epidemics . Propaganda . Japanese colonisation . The Philippines . Sakit (sickness) . Pasakit (Atrocities) .