Emphasising Selected Macroeconomic Indicators to Revive Japanese Economic Growth from Post-COVID-19 Shock

Nashia Zaman

Assistant Professor, Department of Japanese Studies, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. E-mail: nashiazaman@du.ac.bd


For its unique characteristics of the continuous revitalisation of its economy, Japan is widely known around the globe. Japan made significant contributions to the world developmental agenda in the post-World War II era. Covid-19 imposed both demand and supply shocks worldwide. Japan is not an exception. Using the Autoregressive distributed lag model for the time series data on Japan, the impact of some selected macroeconomic variables on the annual growth of gross domestic products of Japan was obtained in this study. In order to revive the economic growth, Japan needs acute concentration towards its domestic economy, especially to mitigate the post-COVID impact on Japan.

Keywords Net FDI outflow . Trade . Capital formation . COVID-19 .

JEL Classification F14 . F17 . F21 . O16