Determinants of Cultural Diversity Management in Japan: Case Studies of Hospitality Industry

Ying Zhu
Professor, Australian Centre for Asian Business, University of South Australia, 33-44 NorthTerrace, Adelaide, SA 5000, Australia. Email: (corresponding author)

Takamichi Mito
Professor, the Graduate School of Law and Politics, Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan.


Before the Covid-19 started in 2020, increasing international tourists were visiting Japan in recent years, and the hospitality industry has become a significant economic contributor to the national economy. Employing more non-Japanese employees has been a critical human resource (HR) strategy to cope with the increasing demands of foreign visitors. However, the strategy also challenges the existing Japanese company culture and management systems, particularly in cultural diversity management. This research focuses on the determinants influencing companies whether they choose to adopt effective cultural diversity management strategies. Using a multiple-case analysis of Japanese-owned and non-Japanese foreign-owned companies, we wish to fill the gaps in the research on cultural diversity management in a relatively homogeneous society such as Japan.

Keywords Cultural diversity management . Determinants . Hospitality industry . HR strategies . Japan . Multi-cultural workforce