Comparing Women Empowerment issue in Bangladesh and Japan and Its Possible Impacts

Farida Yeasmin Banna

Graduate Student, Department of Japanese Studies, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Email:


This research investigates women empowerment issues by comparing Bangladesh and Japan and finding out its possible impacts in those countries. By using qualitative method, the examination of the research provides a result that women’s position is increasing in Bangladesh and Japan day by day, and this comparison keeps mainly positive impacts though it has negative impacts. However, countries societal mindsets cannot be changed by writing a research paper. Many societal, organisational, governmental long run and short run initiatives and frameworks are needed for improving women’s position. Though several issues may create problems, we hope that women’s social, economic and political position will be improved to their family, society and the whole world as well.

Keywords Women . Empowerment . Development . Bangladesh . Japan .