Post-Covid-19 Japan and Social Shocks

Abdullah-Al-Mamun, PhD*


*Assistant Professor & Chairman, Department of Japanese Studies, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Email:

**Research Associate, Centre for Governance Studies (CGS), Bangladesh.


There has been a severe erosion of social life in Japan owing to COVID-19. However, the existing literature does not provide enough evidence regarding various social shocks arising out of the Covid-19 and its impact on the society and life of the people. Thereby, applying the document analysis strategy, this research assesses the impacts of the pandemic on Japanese society, examining very recent data and attempting to minimise knowledge in public health studies, sociology, psychology, and Japanology. This research suggests that the outbreak of Covid-19 seriously impacted Japanese people’s physical and mental health, and domestic violence and suicide rate have increased significantly. Nonetheless, this study supports Barkat’s (2021) proposal of V+ shape therapy for the recovery of the Covid-19 related social shocks.

Keywords Impact of COVID-19 in Japan. Public health in Japan. Public policy. Human development