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It gives me immense pleasure to see that Department of Japanese Studies is expanding its prospectus and syllabus for BSS and MSS in Japanese Studies. I am delighted that this booklet will help you to explore the opportunities available at this very distinguished Department of the University of Dhaka. In the pages that follow we have sought to provide you with information about course offerings, study opportunities and life beyond the classroom that we think you will need in order to make an informed choice about where you would like to spend your graduate and postgraduate years. We are committed to provide you with quality learning opportunity. The Department is featured with state-of-the-art facilities, outstanding teaching, personalized student experience, top-of-the-order learning support and student-centered environment. The Programme is inspiring, challenging and of course, enjoyable. We distinguish ourselves with diversity and vibrancy in terms of our faculty, student population and curriculum. Our students represent a range of ages, cultures, level of experience and prior knowledge. Our faculty represents interdisciplinary exposure. Our curriculum is drawn on cross-cultural fabric demonstrating social, cultural, administrative rhythm. We are truly multidisciplinary. I believe that it fits you the best because some of you are fresh graduates from different universities; some of you already have considerable work experience. All of you are warmly welcome, and we look forward to work with you in your pursuit of enhancing existing stock of knowledge towards achieving desired goals.
Me and my colleagues are always happy to attend you to discuss about any matter relating to the course or your student experience within the Faculty, or in the wider university. There are a range of other support mechanisms within the Faculty which you can access as needed – in particular our student advisor, is available to all students and will help you with any issues concerning your studies. We are here to help you succeed. We hope that you will choose to join us and that after your time here you will join the ranks of our alumni whose aspirations have been heightened, whose minds have been broadened, whose affection for the Center is indelible and who have formed friendships that last a lifetime.

Professor Abul Barkat, PhD

Founder Chairman, Department of Japanese Studies
University of Dhaka